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Connie is a middle-aged Seattle Blogger and Steve is a dad blogger and auto, garage, and gardening expertSeattle Mom Blogger: Connie

DIY Home Blogger: Steve

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A mom and wife, Connie blogs about entertainment, going green, products, technology, DIY home remodeling and decor, and more. She’s an animal lover and lives in the Pacific Northwest near Seattle, WA. She’s in the top 120 Most Read Authors at  She also loves to dabble in sewing, painting, do-it-yourself home remodeling, and cooking.  She’s a vegetarian who eats mostly organic, but cooks and freezes meat and potatoes for her hubby.

Steve is a Lieutenant for a county Fire Department with 30+ years in the fire service. He also owns and operates a small business as a finish carenter and he’s a wildland firefighter. He’s a reluctant home DIY pro as his home is from the 70s – not the best era for building. He’s a meat-loving, hunting and fishing outdoor enthusiast married to a a peace-loving vegetarian. Somehow they’ve made it work for 30+ years. He covers DIY home improvement, garage, cars, and more.

lyndsey_headshot2011 copySeattle Mom Blogger: Lyndsey

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Lyndsey is a writer, blogger, PR consultant and mama of two little boys living in Redmond, WA. She worked in public relations and marketing for companies big and small before going freelance at the birth of her first son — now she keeps busy working with a few PR clients, running a Seattle-based blogger meetup group and writing regularly on her stationery blog, The Stationery Place.

Lyndsey was born and raised in southern California but has since lived in New York City, Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Denver. She and her husband moved to Seattle in 2011, and are the proud parents of one precocious three-year-old and an adorable brand new baby boy — and they’re obsessed with researching the latest & greatest products to share with their kids.

Seattle Beauty and Style BloggerBeauty, Health, Fitness & Style Writer: Laura

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Laura is a late 20-something young woman. She  lives with her husband Matt  in Renton (about 20 minutes southeast of Seattle, Washington). They  have two fur babies, a dog named Scamp and a cat named Kitty. Laura works full-time for a global retailer and she enjoys traveling to new places.

Her hobbies include gardening, arts and crafts and baking. In her spare time she enjoys reading and watching movies with her husband.

Seattle Travel Writers Brian and MarybethSeattle Travel Writers: Brian & Marybeth

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Brian and Marybeth both work for a major airline. They take advantage of the opportunity to travel it affords them and they have traveled extensively in the last few years. In addition to travelling, the pair loves music, TV and movies, reading, gaming, theme parks, and caring for Lucy the cat.

About Alex & La

La & Alex at Walt Disney World 2010

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Alex and La are  newlyweds living inside a State Park in WA State. They’re in their mid-20′s and parents to a cat name Sam and a dog name Roo and a new edition to the family named Ellie.

Alex is Steve and Connie’s youngest son. He reviews the things he’s passionate about - moviesmusicastronomy, and video games. La loves musicmoviesgames and more.  She’s also interested in make-upstylepop culture, and fitness.

Katie - Seattle Teacher Mom BloggerSeattle Teacher & Mom Blogger: Katie

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Katie is a woman in her late 20′s who lives in Issaquah, WA with her husband Chris, their two dogs, and their new baby girl Paisley.  She has worked as an elementary school teacher but is currently taking time off to be a stay-at-home mom.  During her free time she enjoys exercising, spending time outdoors with her family, baking, and reading.


Seattle Tech BloggerSeattle Tech Writer: John Cardona

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John’s a 30-something male working in technology and living in Redmond, WA.  He blogs about, computers, games, and other tech related items. If it’s fantasy or sci-fi related, chances are he’ll want to talk about it.  From board games, collectible card games (CCG’s), miniatures, to old school pen and paper RPG’s, if it’s out there he’s willing to try it out and share it with his readers.

While tech writing is his first love, he’ll also share some personal stories and more.

Blogger Beeb AshcroftLifestyle Blogger: Beeb Ashcroft

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Beeb is a journalist living on the north Oregon coast. Born in England, she relocated to the Pacific Northwest in 1989 and currently resides in Seaside, Oregon with her fiancé Jai. A writer for 16 years, Beeb began creating content exclusively for the digital realm in 2008 and currently runs a number of blogs on topics like frugal living, cooking, weddings, and sweepstakes, as well as providing forums & resources for bloggers outside of the US.

Blogger Kristi TrimmerTravel Writer: Kristi Trimmer

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Kristi Trimmer is a full-time travel and fitness blogger at One day she packed up her car and started the #GirlOnTheRun adventure where she traveled for 202 Days over 38 States and ran 10 Half Marathons. Kristi is currently trekking all over Alaska running along the way as she blogs about fitness tech, organic gardening, eating soy free, and enjoying good craft beers and yummy wines. She tries to experience life as a local when she travels and loves to go on any adventure that comes her way.

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Em, is a home-schooled teen who dotes on her pup. She’s a traveler, crafter, gamer, lover of adorable dogs and cute little kittens.

This millennial blogger covers fashion and style, makeup, music and more and helps her mom keep it real on her blog,

Nicole - a tattooed New York Mommy Blogger

About Nicole

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Nicole is a tattooed, 30-something year old, New York mom of one sweet and sassy little girl named Angelina. She’s a stay-at-home mom who enjoys day trips and outings to parks, farms, petting zoos and all the places that come with raising a healthy and happy toddler. Nicole is married to a sweet and kind man who loves to hang out with his girls.

Nicole has blogged for several mom sites, but is concentrating on her new blog,Urban in Suburban, a tale of how this New York City girl is going to survive her move to the suburbs. Nicole shares with us the fun, joy, and trials of being a stay-a-home and of dealing with a toddler….always  with a lot of humor and a little bit of cheekiness.  She’s also an amazing cook!

Marge - a 70-something product reviewer near Seattle WashingtonAbout Marge

Marge is the  70-something mom to five adult children, the youngest is over 40. She the grandmother of many, and great-grandmother to even more. Marge is an accomplished sewer and quilt.

Marge loves to travel and has gone on several cruises, including the Disney cruise, and many trips to Disneyland and Disney World. She’s also visited New York and Las Vegas.

Charli Cohen from Train With Charli


Charli Cohen,owner of, works in the fitness industry and a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritional Specialist.She specializes in body fat reduction techniques and strength training. She is also the author and creator of The Flat Abs Formula and

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We are a moms (and a dad), single and married, parents and not bloggers of all ages who love trying new products and giving our honest opinions as well as sharing bits of our everyday lives. We range in age from 20s to 70s and have ten children between us – ages 1 through  through 55.  Connie, Steve, Alex, La,Lyndsi and Marge live near Seattle, WA.  Em lives in Michigan, Nicole lives on Long Island, New York, and Charli is located in the UK.

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